How to Apply for Your PAN Card Online [2020]

PAN (Permanent Account Number) a 10 alphanumeric characters Identifier issued by Indian Income Tax Department to any person with the purpose of tracking his or her financial transaction and prevent tax evasion and In India a Pan Card is Compulsory thing to pay Income Tax for every single person and firm and nowadays it is also used in many other places like for Opening New Bank Account.

How to Apply for Your PAN Card Online In India 2020

In India, there is two registered and verified organization that made Pan Cards 1. NSDL (National Security Depository Limited) 2. UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Service Limited) an applicant can visit these organization’s web portal to apply for their own PAN Card.

A Person or applicant can visit NDSL Official Website or UTIITSL official website to apply his/her Pan Card and will be charged Rs 93/- (Without GST) if he/she is Indian residence and Rs 864/- (Without GST) if he/she is Non-Indian Resident or a Foreigner.

The whole process for applying the Pan Card is given below through both NSDL and UTIITSL Portal

Steps to Apply PAN through NDSL website

Step 1: Visit the NSDL website online registration page.

Step 2: Select the "applicant type" or Form i.e Form 49A [if Indian Citizen] or Form 49AA [if NRI or Foreigner], because we have to apply for New PAN Card.
  • FORM 49A (Indian Citizen)
  • FORM 49AA(Non-Indian Citizen)

How to Apply for Your PAN Card Online
Select the Correct applicant type 

Step 3:
 Now After selecting the Applicant type now select "Category" i.e Individual and then Correct Form now fill up all Applicant Information like Title, Middle name, Date of Birth and other details which have been asked.

Note: Make Sure you re-check and fill correct details in the Form.

Step 4: After you are done with filling all your details just press the "Submit" button to submit you’re FORM and after submitting the form you will receive an Acknowledgement with a token number.

Note Down that Token Number for future use or reference.

Step 5:  Now you have to choose the way for 'Submitting Documents' as proof of identity, address, and Date of birth, there are three ways

1. Forward Documents physically.

2. Submit Documents digitally through digital signature.

3. Submit digitally through E-sign.

Click here to Know Which Documents are going to submit.

Step 6: After choosing the way for submitting required documents now click on "Proceed" and you will be redirected to the Payment page where you have to choose between Demand draft option and Online payment.

If you choose the Demand Draft option then first you have to make DD from a bank and provide DD number, amount and other details to Continue PAN card applying process and if you choose Online payment option then you Can use Debit/Credit card and Net Banking Option

Step 7:  Click on "I agree to Terms of service" and proceed with your payment and after your payment is confirmed you will receive an Acknowledgement Receipt which you have to print out.

Step 8: Send the "Required Documents " along with Acknowledgement Receipt, if you choose the physical way through Courier or via post to your nearest NSDL office. Search NSDL PAN Centres near You.

After NSDL will receive your documents you will get your own PAN Card.

Apply PAN through UTIITSL website

How to Apply for Your PAN Card Online

Applying for PAN card through UTIITSL is similar to applying PAN through NSDL same documents proofs for Address, date of birth and identity are submit and also fees/charges are the same with UTIITSL Website 

Just visit and select Form then fill up applicant details and after that submit required documents and last make payment.

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