How to Invest in the Stock Market / Share Market In India (Beginners Guide) 2019

How to Invest In Share Market
How to Invest In Share Market in India for Beginners 
India is Country with Large Numbers of Wealth Companies and Investors and most of the investors are investing their money in stock markets, In India As we all know there are two big stock market where buying and selling of stocks are done, One is BSE and Second one is NSE, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in Mumbai and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in New Delhi, Generally investors invest their money in this two big stock markets and most of them invest the money on buying shares of companies which are listed under these stock markets.

Bombay stock market and national stock market sensex and nifty
BSE (Bombay) and NSE (New Delhi)

And Investors are earning good amount of dividend on their investments and some of them has made this thing as Profession and making a lot of money, but the question arises that how a beginner can start this process and invest their money in stock market or share market who has no knowledge of this things so below are the answer to this question.

Steps and Procedure to Invest In Stock Market

In order to invest in the Stock market in India the following things and procedures are need to be Follow:

  • 1. Pan Card Or Aadhar Card Should be required for KYC
  • 2.Demat Account
  • 3.Contact Broker
  • 4.Buying and Selling Decisions 

A brief and detailed explanation of these points is below:

PAN Card Or Aadhar Card Should be Required 

Permanent Account Number (PAN) or 12- digit Aadhar card is mandatory required to do KYC (Know Your Client) Procedure and opening Demat Account later and also required 6- month previous bank statement with canceled cheque according to New Rules made by SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India) and Government Of India.

Demat Account  

Demat and Trading account is used to place, buy or sell a share in share market and this account will hold you all the records related to No of share you have to buy at what price and many other details are also recorded in Demat account so for Investing into Share market one must have this account.

Some of the best banks to open Demat Account

ICICI Bank. 
HDFC Bank. 
SBI Bank.


Contact Broker

A Person who sells or buy a share at the stock market is known as Broker or simple a broker can only buy and sell a share, Share market never sell the share to a person, you must be required to contact broker so you can buy the shares according to your choice, Some famous Stock Brokers in India.

Kotak Securities 
Angel Braking 

Buying and selling of shares

After you have Demat account and an individual selected broker now you are ready to buy the shares of your choice, you simply have to inform the broker about the No of share you want to buy or amount you want to invest in which companies and other details which broker is required to buy the share and same selling of stocks will also be done by broker according to your command given to him, you simple have to analysis the market and find out the best investment with good return.

END Words:

Here are Some Pro-tips from famous Stock Investors and Analyst

  • Think Long Term when Investing.
  • Look for valuable Stock to buy.
  • Understand your Investment requirement and set your investment goals.
  • Tell your requirements and condition to the broker.
  • Monitor the Share market on a regular basis.
  • DO not invest a big amount in starting stages.

This was all about How to Invest Your Money in Share Market in India and what are the steps and procedures which you have to follow in the beginning and start making some money out of your investment.


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