Winding Up Of Company (Modes of Winding) Company Law Lectures

Today we are going to Discuss Modes and type of Winding Up of A company And What is winding Up Company and what Are legal Requirement During Winding Up of A companies Under Companies Act 2013.

Meaning Of Winding Up :

Winding Up of A company means a process in which the company discovered earlier is put into the end.  and Company  is willing to end his/her business and sell all his assets and pay off his all debts and stop working, generally, there are two types of Winding Up Which are 

Types/Modes of winding Up :

  • Compulsory winding Up When Tribunal/Court Legallly order company to End His Business.
  • Voluntary Winding Up: When Company passes Special Resolution for intimation of Winding Up 

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