What is QR Code - Meaning & How it Work

What is QR Code - Meaning & How it Work

Qr Stand for "Quick response" Qr code is Barcode that contains information about the item where it is used,  User can add information in Qr Code and Another person/user can Access it with Barcode reading machine to collect that information Example: Use of QR Code to provide user A link to Website or Web Page.

Example Qr Code Use in Real Life

Example Qr Code Use in Real Life
Use of Qr code in Himachal Pradesh for Providing Rations To Public
Qr code in Ration Card

As you can clearly see in the above image that Qr code is printed on ration card of Himachal Pradesh Public Which the ration storekeeper will Scan with his Barcode Scanning machine and machine will identify the user Ration card Number and All the necessary information.

How QR Code Works 

A Person Can Store the number, Alphanumeric, bytes/binary in Qr code and its was first made or used by Japan automobile companies to label their card and when other find that QR code has quick response time and it can store a large number of data then it became famous and now it is used in every department and in each and every company what the question arises that how it works and how to generate own Qr code.

 Working of QR Code:

 As I told you earlier that Qr code Containers Number, alphabet, Binary or even kanji(Chinese language)  and its working is same as a barcode machine in supermarket, its simply encodes the data. and presented on your screen or devices.

How to generate Qr Code?

For generating and making of Own Qr code you can Use Various Website online or can downlaod the application on your smartphone for generating Qr code.

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