How to Make Best YouTube thumbnail to get More Views and Traffic

Thumbnail is the first element that attracts Viewers to Watch Your Videos on YouTube & any other video sharing Platform like Netflix, twitch, etc Non only attract but also tell viewers that what Your Video or The content you are giving through Your video. Viewers can easily guess the topic and will watch that video if Find meaningful to here so A Thumbnail becomes the most important Part on YouTube video and Play very Virtual role to YouTube. 

Best way to make Youtube  thumbnail
How to Make Best YouTube thumbnail to get More Views and Traffic
So today we will Focus On the steps and way that we can use to make best YouTube Thumbnail for your YouTube video and But should a YouTube Thumbnails must Contain to make Viewers attract to your YouTube videos and Get more Views and Traffic to your YouTube Channel.

How to Make Best YouTube Thumbnail For Free

There are various Kinds of Mobile application and website present online Nowadays which only focus on making YouTube thumbnails. On Google play store you will find various and Plenty of These Low MB Apps that Will Help you to make YouTube Banners and Thumbnails but Perfection Never come from these Types of Application So according to me the website app or website that can help you to make Better YouTube Thumbnails which various professional Also Use is Canva Application and website.

YouTube Thumbnail Making Apps (Free)

Canva is YouTube thumbnails, Facebook Banners & header, Twitch Thumbnails, resumes maker and many other types of Image related content are served on Canva for free of cost, Canva also having the Android mobile application (Also Available for I phone Users) for free of cost on Google Play Store.

How to Use Canva to make best and Attractive YouTube Thumbnails 

So as I told you best to use to make Thumbnails and Image related content but this is best not because it's free it's best because it came with pre-made templates and design which you can easily edit according to your Choice and when you are done then you can easily download it from download button.

 #1: Visit/Download the Canva 

making Best YouTube Thumbnail
Select Youtube Thumbnail An then Go Next 

So in the First step, you have to Visit the official canva website or you can download canva official android app for free and then you have to choose the YouTube thumbnail option from their various kinds of design Menu.

#2: Choice the Best Out of Pre-design 

Steps to make best Youtube thumbnail
Select a YouTube Thumbnail by using Search Bar

Now the Next Step is to Choice between the Best Design out of Pre-made design template just make sure you select according to the You content like Suppose we want to make Gaming content thumbnail then You can just type Gaming or Games in Search Bar and Select the best from a Search result.

#3:  Edit the Template & download 

best way to make Youtube thumbnail
Edit the template and Download it with the default setting 

Now come the main part of this whole process in which you will edit the template according to your content edit the thumbnail as You by Just drag and drop option, edit the text by clicking it and some other options you can use is like upload images and various other elements are also there to put in your thumbnail to make it cool so After you are done just click download bottom and I recommended you it select default setting of download.

Here’s your thumbnail is ready to upload on your YouTube video with Full aspect ratio of 1280* 720 Px  So now rock the YouTube with your killing Thumbnail you make by using only Canva 

Final Words

Now some tips for Making YouTube thumbnail and what thing/Elements your Thumbnail must contain to get more views and traffic or it will simply attract the YouTube Users so the tip is that your thumbnail must contain these 3 elements to make it best from others

  • Description of That Video  
  • Write Fewer words or use of less word in Thumbnail
  • Use of Attractive Image and PNG i.e Cartoons

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