How to Get LIC Premium Status and details With SMS

Do not worry about getting details and status about your any kind of LIC policy or premium details and amounts because here are the steps and service that you can use to get your policy details with only typing SMS in your mobile phone 

The Method is simple and effective and will cause you no cost and any physical work of visiting the branch and office of LIC of Indian, You only need to type some details or code which are below in your mobile phones and you will get the whole details about your premium amount due and paid , this method of Sending SMS and Getting details will save your time and money and you will get details within a few minutes of response so follow the method given below 

Get Yours LIC of India premium Details with SMS Service of LIC

LIC Policy Details With SMS Services 

Life Insurance Corporation of India has made and provide the SMS Based helping servers that help you to get any kind of inquiry related to your policy and A customer can easily be used to get details of there premium if He/she Did not have it details of Premium to be paid 

So Under This method, No internet is required You only need a registered mobile number through which you will send an SMS to LIC of India SMS are according to the Inquiries of customer Like 

If you Want to Know about the Premuim Then Send SMS ASKLIC PREMUIM to 9222492224 and if about Loan then Send ASKLIC LOAN to 9222492224

You also Use this Number  get detail by Sending SMs ASKLIC BONUS for getting Bonus details and ASKLIC REVIVAL for Revival Details to the Same Number above 9222492224 


So After Sending SMS A simple SMS According to your inquiry you will get all details within a few minutes Buy only if you Send it With the registered Mobile Number which you have given when you purchase the policy to policy seller 

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