Happy World Earth Day 2019, why we celebrated it?

22 April 2019 is the world earth day of this year, every year world earth day is celebrated on the same date 22/April, first celebratedin1970s against the environmental movement started on the 1970s. Basically, all countries of the world collectively celebrated this day to give honor and respect to environment movement started in late 19 century, which main motive was to save earth from destroyed by us and avoid misuse and excessive use of natural resource and causing the effect to the environment and our surrounding.

Happy World Earth Day 2019, why we celebrated it? 

Generally on this day, we have to use eco-friendly way and methods and things that can save the earth, we can a lot of things and practice lots of ways to save our earth from getting destroyed from environmental problems , mother earth has given us everything now our duty is to Save it and give her a reward back. 

Save the earth from destroying by environment problems

There is plenty of way and method that you can use to save the earth and celebrated a happy world earth day and save mother earth and reward back on this world earth day.

Reduce excess Use of Electricity: 

We get electricity by the use of a natural resource which we get from mother earth and if we use more and more electricity then there will be more and more use of natural resources because electricity is made out of it, which can result in shortage of natural resources So  to solve this problem the only solution is to minimize the use of EC so that fewer resources can we utilized to make EC.

In summer times is hard to reduce the use of EC but if we try then we can do it like There are two rooms where Fan or Ac are using So in this case you can shift to second room or first room so that one room Fan or Ac can we switch off to save electricity

These types of ways and methods can be used to reduce the use of electricity in your house which will directly help in the reduction of the use of natural resource and help earth to decrease their environmental problems. 

Minimize the use of vehicles: 

As we already Know vehicles cause pollution i.e Sound pollution from horns and Air pollution from smoke release from vehicles and to reduce it the most important step is to minimize the use of it first,which means reduce the misuse or unnecessary use of it, which people generally do like use of bike for just bring things from shop so close to house and sometimes use of two vehicles (Two different bikes)  to visit the same place or unnecessary bike ride and car ride only just for fun & entertainment.

These are some type of mistake that we made in our daily lifestyle which is cause reduction in our natural resources and along with that there is also pollution causing through these vehicles as we can see it in big metro cities which are highly affected with vehicle pollution   

Use of Recycle, reduce and reuse theory:

Many people and even your teachers have told you about this theory of reducing and reuse and recycling  of resources  for saving the Mother earth, which is most effective method and way to help mother earth from getting destroyed and use of this theory in more and more will can result in proper utilization of resources so that resource can be saved to from Wastage.

Every people should use this way to utilize and use of resources like Water bottles, books and newspaper or even dome daily used things so that they can be reused and recycled, and You can also reduce the misuse and wastage of resources which will also help in getting wastage of natural resource.

So these are some steps and way that you can use on This World earth day or every to give back a reward to our mother earth and save her from destruction by We human's only.

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