Simple Way to Block Your Airtel Sim

Steps to Follow after You lost your Airtel Sim Card

When You are In A Big trouble of Lost of your Sim Card (Airtel Sim Card) Then what will be the Steps to Follow and Procedure of Deactivation or Blocking Your Airtel Sim Card Number so That it can be safe and No Cybercrime Can Not Happen. Block and Deactivate is Important after You lost sim Card it can be any Company Sim card There Numer Must be Deactivate and IN The Case Of Aitel Sim Card There are Some Following Steps that You are REQUIRED (GIVEN BELOW)

How can I deactivate my lost Airtel SIM?


Most Reliable way to Block or Unblock your Aitel sim is By calling Aitel Customer Care Service which is trusted way to block the Sim Card and under which some Condition and steps are followed and you can also unblock your number in case you Find the Sim card or Mobile phone.

Dial 121 or 9849098490 From any Aitel Mobile Number and if you do not have any airtel number then you can call  1800-103-4444 (Non - Aitel Users) these Both Numbers are Tool-free and will required proofs to block the Aitel Sim Card number like the Last Call You Made or Last Mobile Recharge Or Proper Address you have given while Buying the Sim Card.

Note: These Method Will Work for both Pre-paid and Post-paid sim Cards 


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