How to activate windows 10 / 7 / 8 Any windows

You Have recently install Coll looking windows 10 in your Pc/Computer But Your windows are not activated and it asks for activation every time you run the computer or want to change the personalized setting which also asks for activation of Window.

Activate Any Window With These Steps 

 To activate Windows 10 we are going to use the Temporary way which can any time deactivate your windows 10 and you have to again follow the steps to activate the Right and correct way that I recommended you if you did not want to face any problem is buying serial key which you can buy online or from local stores also ...

So here are the easy way to activate windows 10 just for free without buying any kind of key from an online or local store. Just a few simple steps and some installation and you will get your windows 10 activate in your Computer No Matter your Computer is 32 Pc or 64 Bit Pc this method is applicable for Both variants 

Below are the steps to activate windows 10 In your pc Using cmd and bitly.windownstxt method so we did not need any kind of software to download only we need is the below steps to follow in right manner  

Steps To activate Widows 10/7/8 

Follow the steps as shown below if still find any problem is getting activate your windows 10 then comment below your problem I will definitely Help You to get out of it and make your windows activated 

1 Search For bitly/windowstxt 

Step 1 for activating wimdow
Search for Bitly/windows Txt In google search Engine
Just simple Search for Bitly/ windows txt file in online or you can  visit this link bitly/windowstxt and simply open the first search result as marked in the above picture 

2  Copy the codes and Paste In new Txt File In your Pc 

Now after opening the First Search result, you will get a code which you have to copy and then Create a new text document in your desktop as shown in the above picture and paste the code in that text doccument you have made.

3  Save Text Document as Window.cmd and run it 

Step 3 to activate windows 10/7/8

The last and Final step of activation any window through this method is saving the Text document that you have created above in Window.cmd format so that we can activate it by opening it You simply have to go to File under the text document and then save as and the under File Name Simply Types: window.cmd  and save it and At last Run, it from where you save it and your Window will start activating

So this was All about the simple and risky way to activate your windows 10 windows 7 window 8 any window with any bit version if you still have any problem then you can ask me in the comment section below and also read My Previous article on how to activate windows 7 with activator.

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