Simple Solution for How to enable Macros in Ms Excel

Macros is an automatic program and inbuild function of Microsoft that enable you to perform automated tasks like auto-filling on excel formula or Numbers and Words most commonly used in Ms excel and Ms word So today In this post you will learn about macro in excel that how to enable and use it in your ms excel spreadsheet 

Simple Solution for How to enable Macros in Ms Excel

Simple Solution for How to enable Macros in Ms. Excel

Enable macros and how to work and edit macros in ms excel the whole process with example an image are explained below in most easy and understandable forms with few simple steps

How to Enable Macros 

  • Click on Microsoft menu button on top of the window and then click on Excel option on right bottom on Main menu and Click on it 
  • Then Click on Trust Center Second Last Option under excel options and then click Macro Settings under That 
  • Now Click on Option that says  Enable  all macros 

This Methos Can be some use to Disable the macros from Ms excel if you did not want to use it by just click on Disable all Macros without notification in the third step given above 

How to Edit and View Macros 

  • Click Alt + F8 in your Ms excel Window or Alt+WMV
  • Create New macro by typing new macro Name or Click on a macro and then on edit if you  want to  edit  the macro 

So through this way, you can simply edit and view your macros but make sure first you enable the macros using the above methods to edit and view  macros in ms excel sheet 

Use of macro 

Most commonly used by people which  have a repeatable task like business entry which is required to perform daily, For example, You set Macro record with Firm Gst Number so in this case you only need to put Gst Number rest will be Automaticaly typed under your sheet by using  Macro option 

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