Learn How to Activate Punjab National Bank (Pnb) ATM Card

Pnb (Punjab National Bank) Atm Card : You Have recive you Atm Card or Brand new Atm Card But you Did not know that How to activate or set a pin in that ATM card so it can be used and protected by PIN,So Today in this article we will discuss about the steps that you are required to follow for making your PNB atm card Activate and can be used in ATT
machine of any bank.

Activate Punjab National Bank (Pnb) ATM Card



Activate PNB ATM Card 

The most simple and Secure way to Activate your PNB Atm card is by using PNB atm machine Pnb himself provide service in there atm machine to set and re-change your PIN in case you forget or want to change it.

There are specific option in ATM booth to chage and set Atm Pin Full detail steps of change and set PIN in Given Below:-

  1.  Visit Your Near by Atm Machine and Swipe the Card in Machine As you Do with other card 
  2. Now Select Change the Pin Option or set Pin option after selecting the language of the Atm 
  3. Now enter 6 Digit Pin that You Recived in SMS In your registered Mobile Number  (Note :- 6 digit Pin is valid For 72 Hours only) To Generate New Please send SMS DCPIN space CARDNUMBER to 5607040 from registered mobile number for reciving Pin
  4. Now type the digit Pin which You want to Set for Two Time in Atm Machine
  5. Thats it Now you will recived the Confirm slip and Message of activation of pin or rechange of PIN


Frequent Asked Question & Your Doubts

1.Is complete debit cardnumber is required forsending SMS DCPIN space<CARD NUMBER> to 5607040 ?

Answer:-  Yes, the complete 16 digits debit card number is to be entered while sending such a SMS. 

2. Can OTP be generated through PNB ATM machine / Retail Internet banking account?

Answer:- No. It can only be generated  through SMS

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