How to capture ScreenShot With Freeware Software

Screenshot or Screen  capture is the way in which you capture your display as in the format of images like Png, Jpg or any other format of pictures  Thre are many ways in your android mobile phone to take screenshot by pressing few buttons or some android device allows you to take screenshot with inbuilt screenshot icon or navigation menu of Phones but it becomes difficult if you are using Computer pc because in pc you will not get inbuilt function to take screenshot 

How to capture ScreenShot With Greeshot Freeware Software

Many apps and software are available online in which few are costly to purchase or some are free but have an issue with use like Low image size, they copyright the image by giving their name under the image or which makes a problem so today in this article we will learn about a freeware software which is Greenshot Below are the link to download it for both window and MAc

Download Free Greenshot (Screenshot 
Software For windows)

Download Free Greenshot (Screenshot   Software For windows)

How to capture ScreenShot 

The full process of Taking Screenshot with green shot apllication which download link is given above so in this tutorial we are going to use Greenshot  Open source software 

  • Install Greenshot as you usually install other software in your window and mac computer 
  • Now there are some Key shortcut or short cut keys to take a screenshot in a different style which are given below 
Greenshot shortcut keys to take a screenshot 

  • Ctrl + Print :-  Full screen Capture 
  •  Alt + Print :-  Capture window
  • Shift+ Print :-  Capture last region
  • Print :- region with Cursor 

So this was Simple Article on How to capture ScreenShot With Freeware Software  bu using an open source software and download free software that allows you to take screenshot easily in your windows and Mac 

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