Efficient Way to download Youtube Videos and Audio For Free

Here are the best way to Download free both mp3 and mp4 video format of your favourite youtube video it can be WhatsApp status or Bollywood and Punjabi song no matter every video can be downlaod by using the method given below you can easily download the mp3 or mp4 of that youtube video and surprised this method will also work for Instagram Videos.  So today we will get to know about the effective way and easier way so that your video can be Downlaod in high quality and under this method, you can also Download the video according to Time straps.

The Method and website we are going to use are called as Onlinevideoconverter.com under this website  you have various features of downlaod the video from youtube link, There are various audio and video formats available which you can choose and convert the link  of youtube and downlaod the video and Audio below are the steps to convert and download the youtube / Instagram video and audio file in an easy way.

The best way to Download free both mp3 and mp4 video format of your favourite youtube video



First  step to download Youtube video (MP4)

1. First Step is to Copy the video link from the share button (By just clicking the copy Button under share option) or  If you are using computer or desktop then you can copy the URL of the video that will be on the top of your browser 

Step Number two to Download Youtube Video


2. Now visit the website (Click Here To Go to - Onlinevideoconverter.com) Where You have to paste the link where they ask you to Paste it Note:- Remain with the default setting of format.

Third Step to download free YouTube video

3. Mow Click on Start Button  to Start Converting video  and then after 100% you will be redirected to a page to downlaod the video that you want to download 

So This Was the Simple three-step way to Download your Youtube video in Mp4 Format in the same quality of that youtube video 

Addition: You Can also Downlaod Video According to Time straps ( Begining Time or End time )  by click on More setting  and Typing the time straps 


1. The first Step is the same  as you Do it above while downloading video format by just Copy the video link from the share button (just clicking the copy Button under share option) or  If you are using a computer or desktop then you can copy the URL of the video that will be on the top of your browser  

Step 2 To Download Mp3 from Youtube video

2. Now in the second step, you only have to change the format into mp3 to downlaod song audio version of the video you select.

3. Third and the last Step is same click start button to convert the link into mp3 and then press downlaod now button to download the mp3 (Audio) of the youtube video.

So this was the simple article on how to downlaod youtube video and audio file form the effective and secure website and in just a few simple steps. I Hope you like the article and find it helpful if yes the comment download below your suggestion on new articles you want to have and also to share this article with your friend to support us and they can also learn about the effective way to download your youtube video mp3 and mp4.


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