Activities and things that can Cause you Back Pain problem, Know how

Back pain: Pain caused on your lower or upper spinal cord of body is known as back pain is a common disease which almost every older person has due to age but in this changing world it becomes common among youngsters and adults due to some causes and practices that give Back pain  

You can get relief from back pain with various methods and tips which will highly effective to get Relief From Back Pain  and No More back pain like good posture maintain and regular exercise are the part of remedies of back pain to know more about Remedies of back pain Read This:- No More Back Pain With These Tips: Remedies of Back pain

Causes of back Pain

So now we know about the basic detail of pain so we can further continue our main topic which is causes of back pain or practices and activity that cause back pain, we are going to talk about activities habits and kinds of work we should avoid to stay away from any kind of back pain and if you become capable to avoid these mistakes then you will not get any kind of disease related to back 

Cause and practice that causes you back pain in your body and prevention to get relief from this kind of Back pain related problem that is becoming common among people with young age groups so below are cause 

Causes of Back Pain

  • The heavy lifting of weight  
  • Incorrect body posture
  • Lack of exercise
  • High BMI 
  • UnComfortable clothes
So below are Well defined explanation of these above Causes of Back pain with proper example and prevention from back disease 

The heavy lifting of weight

Sometimes you lift too much weight which affects your back very badly, For example, you  exercise at the gym but just to show off you lift the weight more than you normally and was more than even your body weight and then in this case you will get injuries if you carry weight more than your capability 

Doctors and researchers say that most of the diseases are caused due to the heavy lifting of weight we also see some cases in which person carry heavyweight and then he gets a very bad back injury and tearing of muscles. Putting a load on your spinal cord can cause breaking of your spinal or kind of force on your spine which will cause pain after few days for few time period so the first reasons that cause back pain are lifting the heavyweight on your back which we should take care and avoid to prevent from any kind of back pain

Incorrect body posture

Body posture is very initial component of our body Fitness. a human which have bad and Incorrect Body Posture get Easily disease and injuries but a person with a good body posture defines that a person is physically fit and healthy.

A way of sitting,way of standing and  way of Sleeping is a part of body posture which can cause you disease like back pain if you have incorrect or  bad posture such as if you are sitting on the chairs with putting curve in your back and  doing it for continuously or sitting for a continuous period of time then you will get a lower back pain problems because you put too much of stress on the lower spinal cord of your body

If a person sleep or lie down in bed with incorrect posture of sleeping putting pressure on their spine code then it will start getting pains in his back after few days of continuous same sleeping that's why doctor suggest you sleep in good posture and good quality Mattress if you want to know more about sleeping and sitting or standing postures what are the correct posture of then click to read this article Correct Body Posture 

Lack of exercise

Body fitness is very important and essential part of human life and healthy body makes person capable to fight with disease and also help him to the power up to get success in the world because if a person is not fit and have no enough energy then he or she cannot fight  with this competitive world and easily get diseases which will slow down his growth 

So Exercise is only key to make body fit both physically and mentally and exercise also help your body to get relief from various diseases and prevention from diseases such as we are talking about back pain, Flexible body will never get any kind of pain in his back body  or any part of body because they are continuously using that parts and muscles are working and becoming stronger and stronger so if person has a lack of exercise then he or she will easily get pain in his body in which back pain is most common

High BMI

BMI stands for body mass index, BMI must be the normal form which means a person has appropriate body weight according to their height. A person with a small height and more weight means that he have high BMI

According to various research A person who have BMI between 25 to 29.9 means that he or she is overweight having obesity situations which can cause many issues to that person in which  back pain is one of the common diseases This cause of back pain simply means that overweight person or a person with the more weight and obesity will get back pain and spinal cord problem due to high burden on the lower spinal cord and back 

So try to reduce your BMI or reduce your belly fat so you can get prevention from back pain problems 

Uncomfortable clothes

Human body needs relaxation for their muscle if we put too much of stress and force over a muscle then it will get injured so same conditions are applied when we wear uncomfortable cloth, wearing too much of tight  clothes  will put stress and force on your muscles and muscle will not get its relaxation for example you have  wears cloth in which you are not able to stand properly and  sit properly so at the end result of that situation will be that your back will start getting pain will start

Because when you stand your whole spine  was not able to get relax and contract so due to which you start getting pain in your back I know this cause  is very funny but it will definitely cause  you back pain in your body  if not cause in back then maybe in another part of your body it can be in hands or shoulders etc.

so make sure you wear comfortable clothes in which you are comfortable and your body can easily relax.


So these five causes are the reason for back pain which a person must avoid to get prevention from back pain disease A person with back pain can get some kind of relief from back pain by using making prevention from these causes.

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