Screen Mirroring : The Apparent way to Do it

screen mirroring
screen mirroring

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a way to mirror your one device screen to another device basically what you see in your first virus will be shown also in your second wife, for example, you mirror your Android device with PC or computer safely and this whole process is done by using a screen mirroring software for applications there are two ways to Mirror screen burn by using USB port attachment by using wireless we are going to discuss both the way in very easy manner I will also provide tell you the things that you needed a step-by-step process first we will talk about the first method by using USB

How to Mirror Android Screen With Pc using USB (No Root)

The method we are going to use will not root your device we will just use USB debugging method which you will find in developer option on your Android device if you do not know how to enable or find developer option then click here

Steps to connect are given below follow the steps As given

  • Open search engine and search for Download Mirror go software for PC(Click here)
  • Install the application and run it
  • Now enable USB dubbing in your mobile  click here to know more
  • Allow  USB dubbing and mirror go connector to connect each other
  • Complete the process and now you can see your Android screen

So this was the USB way in the other way to connect screen mirroring is why using cast option that in the world in your Android devices

How to do screen mirroring using airserver universal

Airserver universal is screen mirroring application or software that mirror screen using cast option for the steps to do it

  • Download airserver Universal software in your PC from any site
  • Run the application after installing and Name the broadcast 
  • Go to cast option in your mobile phone and find the device
  • Select  the computer with the name that you type earlier and press and click on it

Hence your Android screen is Mirror  to your PC by using simple cast option Note: screen will  only mirror if you have internet  in your computer and mobile phone both

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