Make Whatsapp Stickers of any Picture in Just a Few Steps

Whatsapp Stickers 

Whatsapp is a famous social Networking application that runs on both Android and iOS devices and Owned By WhatsApp Inc and is quite famous among people because of its functions and features.

Whatsapp Stickers

Recently Whatsapp  Have Launch Amazing function of Whatsapp Stickers In which users can easily create there own or Pre Designed Stickers and Send them to Other people like Family, Friends and Among WhatsApp groups.

For the Whole steps, we are going to use our Mobile phone no need for any computer to creating own Whatsapp stickers. we are going to use Two applications that are free to install and easy to use.

Application That We Needed to Make own Whatsapp Sticker 

With the help of these Above to application, we will convert a simple image and Picture into a Png file and Use it as  Whatsapp stickers for free 

After using the steps that I am going to tell You will find the result like the image given Above ⇡⇡⇡⇡⇡
So Follow the step in the right order 

Step 1 

Download Both the application Link Given Above or At Application that we Needed to make WhatsApp stickers And Open the First App Called As Background Eraser.

Open Background Eraser > Load A Photo > Select your Image That You want to use

Whatsapp Stickers

Step 2

Now Crop the image as Much You Want and Next Select Auto ( Start Mark) And Select the  Particular portion which you want to remove Then it will Automatically Erase the Background ( You can use Manual Mode to Make more Clear image )

Crop The Image > Select Auto > Select Background 

whatsapp stickers

Step 3

Now click on save the image and it will automatically Create a new folder with the Name of Background eraser and Save the file Next Click on Use as Whatsapp Sticker it will add an image to our Second application next Click on Create New Sticker Pack then it will Crate a Particular stickers pack for you to use in Whatsapp 

Save The Image > Use as Whatsapp Sticker > Create Your Newsticker Pack

whatsapp stickers

Step 4

In this step, we will add Image That We erase above for that Click on Add Sticker And then select the image that we erase previously to make sure you use the same image with remove background ( Black background ) And then Click on Load Image to Load image into the Pack that we create previously.

Add Sticker > select Image > Load 

Whatsapp Stickers

Step 5

Last Step is to check the image By going to chat Section  under WhatsApp and then on Sticker right head the GIF and Emoji 

Whatsapp Stickers


This whole Article " Make Whatsapp Stickers of any Picture in Just a Few Steps  " was on MAking Own Image Whatsapp Stickers in Few Simple steps By using free Low size image I hope You find this Article helpful 
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