How to edit PDF file by using Word document

The PDF file is an electronic file format just like excel and document format but it is a viewing  format file which only can we view but why using the method which I am going to share with you-you can easily edit the PDF file which you have

How to edit PDF file by using Word document

It can be any PDF file no matter you download or create himself the only thing you needed to follow the few steps that I am going to share with you
for editing the PDF file first you needed to convert them in document file for Microsoft Word format so you can edit and write your own words on it there are various way to convert PDF file into document format first is by using a build Adobe application or second by using any websites from online through which you can easily convert it so we are going to choose the 
first method to convert PDF into Word format

How to convert PDF file into Word document

  • Open a PDF file which you want to convert in an Adobe application

  •  Then click on an expert panel on the right side

  •  Choose a Microsoft word as your export format and then-then name the file click export

After Exporting your file is ready to edit simply open the file and edit the file as you added the Microsoft Word Office file by simply typing you can easily edit the file now it's time to convert document into PDF so you can you can send it to your client or anybody and he or she can easily view it so there are many websites and tools offline present which this do this work but we are going to use the online way

How to convert word Document File to PDF

  • Open search engine and type convert word into PDF or  open the link given below

         Click here

  • Drop Word file or choose the file you want to convert

  • The then click next and finish

Now your file is ready to download the file

Now your file is in PDF format but it is edited so this was the all easy way to  edit PDF file I hope you like it Article

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