12 Health Tips to Change your Lifestyle And Make it Right

health tips
12 Healthy Tips 

Before starting into the tips first, we will talk about health the meaning of health. 
Health is the state of person which tells about its physical and mental position health are of two types Physical health and mental health a person is said to be healthy if he or she is both physically fit and mentally fit so the tips I am going to share with you will be both for your physical and mental health.

12 Health Tips

This step will only show an effect if you perform it effectively and efficiently so below  are 12 tips or I can say the  12 healthy tips to change  your lifestyle and turn them into a Healthy lifestyle

1. Walking a few steps daily

health tips

Daily walking has many benefits like reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke, increase cardiovascular fitness. 
As all doctors recommend you to walk at least a few steps after your dinner or early morning. Making Walking a daily routine for a part of your first step after you walkup will be best to make your health fit and healthy

2. Eating more vegetables

Eating more vegetables health tips

Vegetables which are low in fat and calories are good for our health as they provide you many kinds of nutrients including potassium with Vitamin A and Vitamin C eating more vegetables and including them in your diet will result in you in more healthy blood flow in your body

3. Avoid Eating too much sugar 

health tips

Sugar is needed by our body but balanced manner. Eating sugar too much has its own side effect sum of like it cause damage to skin, rating to premature wrinkles and aging low in energy and most probably it can also cause you diabetes so the third tip  is to avoid eating more sugar

4. Add meditation in your daily lifestyle

health tips

There are many diseases which are only caused due to stress that you take in due to work or some personal reason but it is not healthy for your mental and Physical health the only way to fight away your stress to performing a meditation.
Stress reduction is the most common reason to try meditation and make is the part of your daily routine

5. Adding proteins to your diet

Health Tips

Protein is the most important part of your body requirement as I told you in my other article protein-rich food that it helps human body built and repaired tissues because tissues are important and her repairs are most probably needed for protein must be added in your diet in a balanced manner if you want to know more about protein-rich foods and read this click Here 

6. Follow a balanced diet

Health Tips

A healthy diet is a diet that helps to maintain or improve overall health when you eat your breakfast dinner and lunch according to balanced diet  then it will provide your body all essential nutrients that a body needed and if you make a balanced diet chart then you can add as much as you can and your body needed

7. Never skip breakfast


Our body need energy to work properly as we all know that we get energy from eating food so the studies show that if you skip your breakfast or those whose skip there breakfast after that they  experience a high level of fatigue in the days and skipping breakfast also linked to your memory skills so seventh tip is to never skip your breakfast

8. Drinking boiled water early morning

Bolid  Water  will give you many benefits that you will never get with an unboiled water as we know water power of the energy level and provide oxygen to our body that's why drinking water in early morning is helpful but if you drink unboiled water then it will add  bacteria and virus  in your body that are present in it but a boiled water will kill that bacteria that are present in that water

9. Exercise daily as much as you can

As I say in my previous article that exercise is a one of the best made things to make your healthy without a medicine once a person exercise daily then he or she never feel sickness and fever because he or she is burning her body and getting sweat from it and also killing that virus and bacterias that are causing the sickness and weakness to the body so performing exercise of any  kind  even Surya Namaskar will be the best and make you a healthy more

10. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol 

Smoking and alcohol these two are unhealthy habits people who do smoking and drink alcohol did not realize that they are just harming their body this  substance work as  slow poison what cause death definitely so drinking alcohol and   smoking cigarette is the reason  that is making your unhealthy   so if you want to become healthy than the most important tips that everyone say you is to stop smoking and drinking alcohol

11. Try to do cycling

health tip

Cycling is another physical activity that makes personal health better. Health benefit of cycling is that it makes work out of your body parts which work on aerobic activities like heart blood vessels and when the proper workout will be done then it will increase your physical fitness and cardiovascular fitness you will become healthier than earlier

12. Eat more fruit as you can


I watch some people that when they feel hungry during the activities that they performing or  their works they eat snacks and fast food which is not right thing  the right ways is  to replace the snake with the fruit which will which will provide you in  good nutrients and potassium and lots of healthy elements and also you will not feel hunger

So this was the short 12 tips or health tips to make you more health I hope it will find you helpful if yes then comment me down 


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