5 Cheap and Budget Fitness Watch That are The Best to Use

Cheap And Budget Fitness Watch 

Description: Basically under this article I am going to tell you the best 5 fitness watches and band along with their reviews by customers and how to make use of them before starting first I will tell you the meaning of fitness watch and why fitness watch is beneficial and why you need to wear a fitness watch and then I will tell you the main topic the five fitness watches under the budget of Rs 800

Fitness watch

What is Fitness watch 

Fitness watch also is known as fitness tracker is a tracking device that tracks the walking steps running distance, sleep pattern and many other things according to different brands watches and some people also called it fitness band and it is the type of wearable computer that is connected with another device it can be phone or your iPhone (Android device or IOS ) by a Bluetooth exception that there are some other fitness watches that work without any device used and application used

A Benefit of Using Fitness Watch

  1. It shows you the data of your heart rate and steps you walk in a particular time and many more.
  2. You can monitor your goals, for example, You set Your Goal of 200 steps then fitness watch will show you how much you have done it
  3. it motivates to perform more than more by seeing the result 
  4. improve your sleep because you know how much you have sleep and belt feature of the sleeping pattern will help you
  5. it gives you proper statics of the things that you want to monitor like calories counter
so this above was the meaning and benefit of using fitness purchase now I will tell you or I will discuss the topic main 5 best and budget fitness watches that are effective to use so 
below are the five of them along with the buying links in case you want to buy

5 Best Fitness Watch under the budget of

Rs 800

1. TechHunk Smart Wristband Pedometer Fitness Tracker HR Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Step Tracker Calorie Counter 

Price: 485/- (Excluding Delivery charges) 

Product Description:

Providing a variety of useful features and services to facilitate your work and leisure activities with seamless smart machine functionality. tracker will vibrate when there are incoming calls or messages, you will never miss any important news, emails or Facebook messages. And you can hang up the calls with the tracker without getting your phone

Main features: Step, Mileage, Calories Consumption,Sleep Detection,Sedentary Reminder,Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Pressure Monitoring,QQ Message Reminder, WeChat News Reminder, Call Reminder,SMS Reminder,Intelligent Alarm Clock,Shake and Take A Photo

Customer Review: 

5 Star Rating On Amazon

2. HOLME'S M3 Intelligence Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Watch 

Price: 699/- (Excluding Delivery charges)

Product Description:

HOLME’S Intelligence Bluetooth Health Wrist Smart Band Watch Monitor/Smart Bracelet/Health Bracelet/Smart Watch for Mens/Activity Tracker/Bracelet Watch for Men/Smart Fitness Band/M3 Smart Fitness Band Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sensor Compatible for All Androids and iOS Phone/Tablet

1.Heart Rate Monitor
2.Sedentary reminder
7.Distance calculation
8.Step Monitor
9.Call Alert
10.Wrist sense
Customer Review: 
4.1 Star rating out of 5 star

3.Meya Happy Fitness Bands M3 Smart Band Fitness Tracker Watch 

Price: 675/- (Excluding Delivery charges)
Product Description:

Meya Happy M3 fitness Bracelet watch ,your health manager to offer you a better and fit lifestyle : Features-Free Cleaning 1. How to use and connect the smart phone with Meya Happy fitness trackers ? 1) Download the App named VeryFit from APP store or Google play or by scanning the QR code in the user guide 2) Turn on phone Bluetooth, and connect the fitness band with the phone via Bluetooth ,the fitness band Bluetooth name is”ID115

Customer Review: 

4.3 Star rating out of 5 star

4. Outbolt Smart Wristband Pedometer Fitness Tracker HR Activity Tracker Watch 

Price: 500/- (Excluding Delivery charges)

Product Description:

Material: ABS+PC
Strap Material: TPE
Built-in Lithium Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Charging Time: 2 hours
Screen: 0.96 inch TFT color screen
Waterproof Level: IP65


● HD 0.96 TFT color screen, dynamic 3D interface UI.
● Environmental protection TPE strap, sticker soliton no sense of wear.
● Always checking the number of steps walking in the day, you can also be synchronized to the APP in time, viewing and analyzing the movement data.
● The equipment automatically monitors the mileage and heat consumption of the movement.
● Long pressing to enter the health monitoring function, such as the heart rate, the blood pressure, real-time monitoring.

Customer Review: 
5 Star rating  

5. Azacus M3 Band Bluetooth 4.0 Sweatproof Smart & Sleek Fitness Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor Tracker

Price: 500/- (Excluding Delivery charges)

Product Description:
Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle. The 1mm thick aluminum alloy core surface is manufactured using a 12-step process. Compression molding, polishing and sandblasting give the metal core a smooth texture, while CNC milling adds shine to its edges. Three indicator lights, each 1 mm in diameter, are created using micro-laser perforation technology. Made up of 91 holes, each 0.02 mm across, each indicator is injected with UV adhesives to prevent dust from penetrating the device.It is soft to the touch and fits snugly for ultimate wearing comfort.

Customer Review: 
5 Star rating  

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