Make Money From Freelance and How to get started

earn money online
earn money online

Earn Money From Freelance

Freelancing means self-employed work for another person in India there are around 15 million freelancers which are rapidly growing in their fields
Researchers say that in 2020 around 50% of worker will go in their freelancing and become self-employed

Because self-employed works are more paid and easy to do and required fewer efforts that's why it become famous among people.
Then it will create more demand in this sector so I suggest you to start your career as freelancing if you have no jobs and want to be become a freelancer and earn some money through this way or without any investment.

As freelancing work did require no investment that's why it is more commonly done and peoples are making lakh of money in the month by doing freelancing work you can perform freelancing work in many sectors some of  like sales marketing ,IT ,computer software, knowledge and many large companies from other countries hire Indian freelancers because they find it cheaper and pay them so freelancing in India is quite famous and India is the second largest after the USA in the population of freelancer

when you will start your freelancing work then you will find some difficulties as every startup required but after a bunch of experience and some time you will pay according to your work and efficiency and effectiveness will come in your work to which you will get more and more work and large bits from large-scale companies so you need 

Now in this article, I am going to show you the best way to earn from freelancing and best site where you can work as a freelancer and it is fully secured against payments and everything and you will find genuine customers and clients in this site so without any further due let's get started 

Before starting the freelancer work first you have to step follow Steps

1. Set your goals
2. Make uniqueness in which you want to work
3. Target your clients and the kind of work they needed
 Tell the customer about your qualities write and read them and make some samples to show to your clients

Now you are ready, to begin with, freelancing
but before starting the freelancing work you needed to registered under the website so I first I will tell you how to create an account or sign up in the

How To Signup In FreeLancer

  • Go to 

  • Then where you will find two options one I want to hire at another I want to work then click on I want to work 

  • Now you have to give your details like name Gmail account and password or you can simply sign up by using Facebook ID it will automatically detect your data

  •  After creating and putting all details now you have to select your skills I recommended  you to select at least three or four skills minimum such  as copywriting, copy typing, Excel, Data Entry 

  • After selecting your have to  simply click on save button

  • Now you will receive a mail from freelancer verify that mail 
 Now You have finished with your sing up after signup now you have to create your profile for setting up your profile you should need it in a well-organized manner so I will tell you some few tips to setup your profiles and how to place bits and how to earn money from freelancer

So here are some 5 tips

1. Profile picture

For selecting your profile picture make sure neat and personal with no other people and well high-quality image so you can create a good impression on your client and your client with find it more interested to place or give work to you because they will not find any spam in your profile

Next tip  is 
2. skills

For adding a  skill  as I already told you to try to select minimum three to four skills because you cannot find by work easily with a single skill you needed 3-4 minimum skills so you can place a bid in this 3 to 4  skills and you can get your first project

3. We real

try to become real as you are you add a secure phone number that is working and your exact location from where you belong do not miss guide the client it can put you in trouble.

Next tip  is placing a bid

4. Placing a bid

Writing bits for posting bits means asking clients for a work. try to write a best from your side use very convincing word but do not go deep with in  conversation tell them why you are the best than from others and tell also tell them why you needed this work and how much you can give them

Last but not least the tips We regular 

5. We regular and show your Best  

Suppose  you find work then after completing you earn some money but you are so excited you leave it and don't do put any attention on it  do not do this ever  try to be regular show your best work to your customer and why doing this your client will always find you fro his other work and recommended to other client and a full promotion of your work will create

So this was some tips from my side to earn money from freelancing if you are interested to earn some money then  I recommend you will be best to start your career as freelancing so why wasting time let's get into it

Earn Money From Freelance

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