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How  To Make Ringtone of Your Name in Mobile

Ringtone of own name

Ringtone of your name looks interesting and cooler and when you are in Public places it finds cooler.

so today I am going to show you the best way to make your name ringtone I am going to use the website called  Prokerala

This website allows you to add a background music in your ringtone which will find more interested for the listener so that's why I am using this website to make your name ringtone for making a ringtone in this website you first have to open it search for this website or simply click on this like

Make Ringtone of Your Name:-

1. Click on create your Name ringtone

2. Now fill up the details first fill up your name which you want it to be in your ringtone

3. Select the message such as pick up the phone, someone is calling you and many more     choose according to your interest

4. Choose  background music which you wanted to in your ringtone I suggest you choose a light music it's so you can listen to the voice of your text

5. Now simply click on make ringtone

You can check your ringtone by simply clicking on the play button
After you find it good simply 

6. click on download MP3 or if you are an iPhone user the download in the m4r format

or if you did not find it interesting that simply click on customize and change the settings then again click on make ringtone

This was a simple and few steps that will help you to make your ringtone

Note: this website did not belong to me I am not using it for unfair means it is just for telling people that how to make a ring tune no copyright of this website contains in Tumi alright goes to respective owners regard Rahul that if you have any query then mail me on [email protected]

You can use this alternative method also for Android mobile

1. Go to  Play Store and simply type make your name ringtone or  my name ringtone

2.  Then  choose the best application that finds the best review and best star rating simply install that application 

3. Respective processes same as I told you about first your name choose your text and simply click on create ringtone  and your ringtune will be created download in MP3 format and set the ringtone

For setting the ringtone simply  to go to settings of your mobile phone and go to sound setting then scroll down to ringtone and custom ringtone and select the MP3 file that you download above and click done now your ringtone is set

Make Ringtone of Your Name