How to enable Developer options in Any Android

How To Enable Developer Option

Developer mode is an option that allows you to simulate App stress at enable developer mode Are usually used by software developers to measure the impact of their software on CPU 

how to enable developer option

through this, they can measure the CPU uses on screen and connect the mobile during through USB and route their mobile phones basically they work for connecting the Android device to the computers and PC but some of you may did not know that how to enable this setting so here are the ways to enable it

Steps  to enable developer option

  • Go to get the Android setting
  • Then scroll down to the system or about the phone if you are using lower lower than Android 8.1
  • Then again scroll down to about phone or built number
  • Click 7 Seven-time on about phone and built number (about the phone if you are using higher Android than 8.1 or if you are using lower than build number ) 7 timing
  • Now go back and you can see your developer option is in your setting

so this was a easy way to enable off developer option in any Android devices this method can be used for any Android devices

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