Earn Money Online : From Typing Work : The Easy way

Earn money online

Earn money online is trending all over the world in India there are thousands of Young and adult people that earning good enough money from online earning online money have a various method and ways there are around 50 to 100 ways through which you can make money online.
Earn money online
Earn money online from typing

Earning money online from typing is one of its part and this part is easier and Reliable with other aspects there are many such sites  that provide these type of online work but there are also some sites that do fraud with you some did not pay you as some sites pay you after a long bit of time due to which some people demotivate leave it but it's not a right way. 

The right way is to find out its solution and because try try- make a man perfect if there are sites that do fraud then there are also some sites that are good and provide you the best genuine clients that will send you the work and secured ways on the time payments are made on that sites.
so through this article earn money online from typing I am going to share with you the top three sites that are genuine and secured for the payments at work

Best site to earn money online from typing works 

  1. Upwork.com 
  2. Fiverr.com 
  3. Freelancer.com

These three websites are freelancing website that provides you freelancing work if you do not know about freelancing meaning and how to get started the read this article 
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Talking about the detail benefits and process and payments of these three sites

earn money online

Upwork earlier known as Elance o dark is a San Francisco California company with the full name of Upwork Global Inc.

Upwork is a popular site in freelancing work because its have standardization. Standards like they review freelancer profile first and then give him a chance to place bids and proposal to its customers the same thing is done with the Client or the person who want to hire a freelancer.

For starting making money online or  earning money online from typing required you to sign up with this upwork.com and submit your profile make sure your profile looks good and attractive try to add more and more skills as you can and then submit it after receiving an approval accepted then search for your prospective recommended jobs in  which you want to work and place the proposal  to customer try to add more and more convincing words to the customer and show and tell them about your talents and quality you have.

Afterward, then you will get notified when a client wants to send you a work they will first take your interviews and then assign your work so this is a simple process but it complicated and required lots of  patients 

Now talking about the payment method that upwork use and payment criteria 

UPWORK takes  20% of your earning, for first 500 $  for example, $3 per hour is your earning then upword will cut 0.60 per hour of earning.

Payments are done by using Paypal and direct into your bank account by using IFSC codes 
and much more payment method

fiver is other freelancer company or website from since 2010 owned by fiver International Limited headquarters in Israel.
As research says over 3 million of services from freelancer to customer worldwide were listed on this website called as a fiver and this website is called as world largest website for a freelancer that perform different kinds of services

For  starting work in Fiverr the same process is followed as you done in upwork.com
first, sign up in it you can also sign up by using your Facebook ID then select your skills and edit your profile, description box and make it attractive and good luck 

Next link your accounts with different social media  as fiber provide now next  Step  is to place gig start place in gig and tell the customer your qualities and why you want to work and how much you will charge for that particular work and then submit your gig and then after some time you will get notified in your message box whenever the client reply you about your gig
so this is all you do under a fiver.com to earn money online from typing work
I think you needed to do is add your skills related to typing works like copywriting transcriptions and content writing article writing and images to document distance writing these are some skills that you can add in your fiber websites that fiver portfolio

This is a last site that are my favourite I recommended for you this side are best than other because it is easy and have large number of customers and freelancers in this website as I told you about it in my previous article that this website is founded in 2009 which is quite older than other website and freelancer.com have his headquarter located in Sydney Australia talking about how to get started and how to get started is quite same as you do in other websites fiver and upwork.com for more read this 
Payment is done by using visa MasterCard papers Paytm and Google pay

so this was all about the earning earn money online from typing I hope you like the article if yes then come and down

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