How to transfer money from bank account to my Paytm wallet

Transfer Money From Bank Account

 To My Paytm Wallet

add money from bank to paytm
Add Money From bank to Paytm

Paytm is online website also having an app which provides services to their customers such as digital payment, online recharge e-wallet and booking bus train tickets Etc 

It is an Indian company a private company of Noida UP. Founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma Paytm is application which has many uses the most common use is that you can use it as an electronic wallet or a wallet is Electronic wallet in which you store or put  money in the form of electronically which have money benefits like having fewer chances in of stolen and  lost of money   chances are also less in this and always availability of money is present in a wallet 

so this was an advantage of E-wallet but after installing Paytm in your mobile and registry in some of you find difficult to add money in it so in this blog post I will tell you a simple way to add money in your Paytm wallet or E-wallet.

Steps to add money from Bank

 Account to Paytm wallet:-

  • Open Paytm application and on the top of the home screen click on bank transfer ClickOnce

  • Choose your bank with register mobile number

  • Enter your mobile number it will automatically check your account number

  • Next steps to enter your debit card numbers so you can create upi pin which will use to secure your transaction now and  afterward 

  • After entering and setting up  proceed to the next step and your money will be added in your Paytm wallet

Other Methods To add Money In Your Paytm

There are many other ways to add money like debit card netbanking credit card
Debit card

For adding money through debit card you have to give an 18 digit debit card number along with CVC code in your back of Debit Card and rest of the processes same as you do in a bank account

Net banking 

if you have net banking and click on add money and enter your amount and click next and select your bank net banking from which or  where you want to add money and it will take you to that particular portal login with that portal and add money transfer money from your net banking a bank account to PayTM account
Credit card 

the credit card is another way to add money in which some  debit card method is used to add money but in this, you have to add a pin of your credit card so  it can we proceed to pay through credit card

 So this was the simple article on how to add money from bank account to PayTM wallet

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