Top 5 Best Courses That You Can do after to get Good Job

In this Blog Post i will tell You The top 5 courses That You can do after Your complete To get  a good salary and a Good professional Job .

Top 5 Best courses  After
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Here  are Top 5 Best courses  After :
Starting with The famous Course That came In the Mind Of Every Commerce Student 


Ca is the tough and Top most course which you can do after your graduation also . ca after graduation is more easy then after 12 class because in this the foundation course are not done by you 
here is my old article or blog link that How to Become Ca After  Your Graduation 

ca after bcom

so according to me Ca is best Option or Course Because it is most paid salary Course . i know it is tough to crack but if you try then it become easy because Every Thing is Tough Until You Try It  .

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Moving on to the Next 
2. Master Of Commerce (
So the next best courier after your or graduation is to occupy a Master degree and the Best Master Degree or Common Master Degree to occupy after is Master in commerce or

There are many professional collages and universities such as like Chandigarh University ,Chitkara universities , Panjab University and Many More Professional universities to Obtain  Master Degree in Commerce 

Moving on to The next  which is also A master Degree course and also A very famous Course 

3. Master In Business Administration (MBA)


MBA is course of master degree with various  form or various types of MBA types or kind in  which you can do MBA or obtained a master degree and become a master in that particular field mba is postgraduate degree and awared the student the well knowlege of Business

Types of MBA  course That you can Do

1. MBA in Finance

2. MBA in  Marketing

3. MBA in Human Resource

4. MBA in international Business

5. MBA in information technology

6. MBA in Supply Chain management

7. MBA in  Rural Management

so this all are the types of knowlege or degree that you can  do in MBA ( MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION )


1. IIM  ( Indian Institute of management)


3. Faculty in management   

4. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified Management Accountant : CMA is course provided by IMA( Insituite of managment accounting) . 
The course duration of this course is 3-4 years it is very profesinal course and very much or larger scope in India now a days .this course provided a management knowledge related to accountant That how a Accounts are managed by accountant in well and effective mannner
so this course can be also become a top oppurtunities for you if you like the account more and now a day a many larger companies required these types of Person with this type of degree.

Detail of C M A (Certified Management accountant )

1.   DURATION :   3-4 Years of course 

2.   Skills a CMA needs:

  • External Financial Reporting.
  • Planning and Budgeting.
  • Performance Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Internal Controls.
  • Profitability Analysis.
  • Risk Management.
  • Investment Decision.

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5. Business Account And Taxation (BAT)

The Business Accounting and Taxation training program is designed by top class Chartered Accountants, with a specific focus on helping you to become a Professional Accountant. EduPristine BAT Course prepares candidates not just for a job but a career and leads them to become Industry 'Ready Accounting professional'

BAT is short term course  usually for 6 month to 1 year course it just a diploma course which you can also do after 12 th class.
Course Fee‎: ‎INR 4,000 to 12,000
Duration‎: ‎6 months to 1 year
Course level‎: ‎Certificate
Admission process‎: ‎Merit Based
bat course is some like tally course but in this you will get a deep knownlege of Taxation and accounts  To become a Proffesional accountant .
so My Reccomandation is to do this course as part time while Your Bcom

Conclusion : So these 5 was a Top degree That You can do after You compete Your Bcom Now it depend On you To choice which of them  But  according to me choice according to your Interest .

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