Stan Lee the Man Who Build The Famous Marvel Character

STAN LEE ( 1922-2018)

Stan lee :   was  Famous Comic Writter, editor , publisher, producer and well known for his work in Marvel comic Recently  Died On 12 / Nov / 2018
 stan lee was also work as executive producer for Marvel movies and Shows .

Stan Lee  also contributed many donations  to the University of Wyoming at various times, between 1981 and 2001. 
Stan lee was co creator of famous Charcters like  Spider-Man, the HulkDoctor Strange, the Fantastic FourDaredevilBlack Panther, the X-Men, and—with his brother, co-writer Larry Lieber—the characters Ant-ManIron Man, and Thor.


spider man 

Doctor strange 


Lee was also Awarded With Various awards Like 

Lee Contributed many  characters to Marvel Industry . lee was Fomous for his books That he wrote for marvel story 
Her story made readers so must Intercted that they wait for its Next publication 

Stan lee Work 


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