Top Protein Rich Food for Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

Protein Rich Food

Protein is basic components of our body. Hair and a nails are mostly made of proteins protein are used in building and repair of muscles and tissue of Human 

Protein Rich Food

Body and also help in building muscles. Protein is building blocks of bones , muscles ,skin and blood so our body needs protein but due to our eating habits we usually did not take balance diet and take less protein as our body required we eat fast food which contains less protein in it and causes decrease in the value of protein in our body .

Proteins are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and one or more chains of amino acids Proteins are of Three Types
1      .         Fibrous
2     .       Globular
3     .       Membrane

Proteins are of three types shown above so it is essential nutrient that our body required so I am going to tell you the 5 vegetarians and 3 Non- vegetarians Food Items That are rich in protein and you can eat them easily.
Starting with first we have vegetarian’s food that is protein Rich Food.

Protein Rich Food

Vegetarians Food Items

Protein Rich Food
  1.   MILK
Milk Is number one Liquid food which are rich in proteins because it is in the form of liquid it can be digested easily and it help you to increase you muscle and tissue growth and milk is also the a nutrient healthy nutrient or protein rich food

A cow milk contain on average 3.4 % Protein, 3.6 % fat and 0.7 % minerals and 66 kcal of energy per 100 grams so milk  is liquid food that are protein rich and good for kids and teens , adults , and older ones and also the number one vegetarian food for proteins

Next we have

  2.     Soya Bean

 Soya is cheap source of proteins and it is lesser in fat amount. A soya bean contains 14g proteins and 141 kcal of energy and 7.3 g or fat only. Key Benefits are soya beans are that it is high protined and Vitamins, minerals with No or lesser fat present in it. Soya bean is good source of protein and good food for vegetarians

  Go to next we have Vegetable called as Broccoli

      3.  Broccoli

  Broccoli is Italian dish and green plant a best and good source of protein. Broccoli contains some befits like it helps in cancer prevention and it help on cancer fighting and boosting immune.
  Research shows that broccoli is extremely suitable for preventing breast and uterus cancer.

  Broccoli also reduces the cholesterol level and allergic reaction in our body and healthy for bones development because it contains a good amount of proteins
  Broccoli contains 2.8 g proteins in 100 grams  and it You boiled it and it reduced to 2.4 g protein which is very good amount of protein for our body and rich protein food for vegetarians .

Moving on to the next food item we have Rice called Brown Rice

      4.    Brown Rice

Brown rice contains more protein fibers then white rice but also contains more Fat in it which usually contains 2.6 g of proteins as per 100 grams of Rice we Take Boiled Rice .
Other Benefit of Brown Rice is that it helps in Lower cholesterol moves waste through tract promotes fullness and helps you to prevent the formation of bloods clots  

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Last but not least we have Nuts and seeds as Rich Protein Food

     5.       Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are simple a dry Fruits with one seeds in which seeds case wall become hard at maturity .
List of Good source Nuts and Seeds are:
         .      Pecans
2       .      Almonds
3       .      Walnuts
4       .      Macadamia nuts
5       .      Brazil nuts
6       .      Pumpkin Seeds
7       .      Sunflower  seeds

So these are some Nuts that you can buy and eat which are Good Rich protein Food

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Now we will talk about Non -vegetarian’s food list that are rich in Proteins  

Non - Vegetarians Food Items

Protein Rich Food

    1.     Egg White

Egg Whites are Good Food Items Are also cheap source of you are Non Vegetarian because it
is Cheap ans easily found anywhere.and Required  lesa time to cook you can eat it In You
breakfast  , lunch  ,dinner when ever  you want to eat. Egg white Cantains Usually  11 gm of
Proties in every 100 grams of Eggs Which is Good Amout of protien for your Body. If you consume
egg every day or two time a day then there will be no decrease  in level of protein in Your Body.

Eggs are also Provided the cholesterol and fat which is also required by Human body along with
protiens 50 gams eggs cantains 5 grams so egg are good sources of proteins.

     2.  FISH

A  cooked fish contain around 22 g of protein in 100 g of fish which is very large in value fish like tuna are high range protein contain 26 g to 29 g per 100 g and also anchovies,salmon,swordfish  are good source of protein for your body. 

so fish is second food item that you can eat to make your body tissue and muscle growth good.

You can also eat other seafood . fish is the best for bodybuilding are rainbow,tiroust,etc.


Chicken brest is the third sources for non - vegetaries that contains around 31 g of proteins per 100 g raw chicken breast also have 165 calarios per 100 g 80% of the calories ccomes from proteins.

so these 3 can be good source that are rich in Protein  

Protein Rich Food

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