Pewdiepie VS T- series - Race to 70 million Subscribers on Youtube

Pewdiepie VS T- serie
Pewdiepie VS T- series

     Pewdiepie Vs T- Series


    This whole Drama Between  Pewdiepie vs T- series is of No of Subscribers on Youtube 

Some of you may already know about the drama or I can say a War between Two Youtubers.  Pewdiepie vs T- series  
These both are Youtube channels . Pewdiepie the most-subscribed Swedish YouTuber , comedian and video game commentator And T series is indian company or Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd. known as t series is music indian  music label company A second most Subscribed channel on youtube .

 Pewdiepie Vs T- Series live count 

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 Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg  well known for his Online name Pewdiepie , Pewds was Born On 
 24 October 1989 as you all know he is gaming youtuber Do commentary and comedy while playing games Now currently He review memes And You laugh You Lose Shows in his channel 

Pewdiepie  Channel Details 
on Dated 10/11/2018

 NO OF SUBSCRIBERS :-  69,966,625 subscribers

TOTAL VIEWS IN HIS CHANNEL  :-  19,111,262,721 views

  STARTED ON :- Joined Apr 29, 2010



   Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd WELL known for t series is oldest indian Music company produced music in bollywood .Established By Legendary gulshan kumar in 1983 .

Gulshan Kumar Dua (5 May 1956 – 12 August 1997)

Now currently the company is run By his Son Bushan kumar  

 Bushan kumar  

T- series   Channel Details 
on Dated 10/11/2018

NO OF SUBSCRIBERS :- 69,382,332 subscribers

 TOTAL VIEWS IN HIS CHANNEL :-   52,808,199,085 views

 STARTED ON :- Joined Mar 13, 2006

T-series TOP VIDEO


   Pewdiepie VS T- series

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