Best and Easy Way to make USB Bootable

How To Make USB-Bootable 

Booting USB means inserting ISO file in a bootable format which you can use to put your window setup.

Some of you may find a problem while booting USB. Booting USB will help you to install Window into your computer form an ISO file by putting into your computer so today in this article I will tell you about the software that will be the best to boot USB files.

ISO files will boot  by using this software called Power ISO and you will never find any problem in booting your USB so  let's get started

First, you needed to download power ISO

Download PowerISO

1.  Go to your browser any browser Google Chrome Firefox any of them and search for download power ISO or simply type power ISO

2.  Then Google search result will come simply click on first download power ISO open the website and download according to your operating system. It is available for Windows 32 bit Windows 98 Windows me and even window64-bitt download

3.  Click on download file and advertisement or a pop-up window appears close that window now you can see it your download is the started.

After downloading the file install it into your computer as usually install all your software 

There are three features of power ISO which you can use:

  • First is to create a bootable USB drive
  • Seconds to Mount the ISO file
  •  convert any file into ISO

Now we will learn these 3 features and how to perform it first we will learn how to convert a bootable USB drive

Creating Bootable USB Drive 

For creating the bootable USB drive

1. Open your power ISOand  click on tool button at the top of the window

2. Then scroll down to create bootable USB drive I click on it and open it with administrative setting

3. Now you have to choose your ISO file and your destination or USB drive where you want to convert

4.  after choosing it then click simply on the start button and  ISO file will overwrite over USB drive as it completed you are ready to put your ISO file in your computer by using USB

 NOTE : If you have any problem in these steps comment 
 down below i will aswer your question 

Mount the ISO file

The second feature which of power ISO have is to Mount an iso file into your computer some of the software's came into ISO format so to install it you need to first mount it so power ISO can be used to Mount that setup

1.  Simply right-click over that  file

2.  Go to power ISO and you will find Mount match to drive media  and simply click on it

3.  Now your file will be Mount into your computer and you are ready to go

Convert any file into ISO

The first step  to creating an iso file is
1.  Run the power ISO

2. Then click on Add button and  select your data and  files which you want to convert into ISO image file

3. Save the file into ISo format By just Clicking On Save Button on Top of your window

So this was a whole article in which I tell you how to put your USB file for any ISO file into USB drive or creating bootable USB from ISO or how to use bootable you can say anything

I hope this article was helpful if you find it helpful then do follow me and check out my other articles I think it will be very helpful for you thanks

Credit Goes to PowerIso I am Not Owner of That Software My motive is to Just Help or tell people that How to Make usb Bootable and Poweriso is Best for That 

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How To Make USB-Bootable