How to earn from picture that you shoot

Everybody wants to achieve something in life if you want to become a professional photographer and you want that I want to earn money from my photography talent.
how to earn from picture that you shoot

You have good photography sense and you click the best picture and have a collection of images that you click but do not know that how to convert and earn from that picture Then  you are at right place Today in "This Article How to earn from Picture that You shoot " I will Tell you the 2 simple way from which you can shoot so lets begin the article and talk about first steps or methods to earn money from your pictures that you shoot 

so starting with first we have 


There are many websites that do a business of online buying and selling of the images. They buy an image from you and sell it for commercial use like to other websites that use image or Youtuber creator or many other people that buy it. so sites that but pics are 

These 5 are some of the sites that buy or accept pics you simply have to tell about your picture and they will review it and pay it price so I think this is first steps or best steps to start your profession as photography. You simply have to register into this website and upload your pictures and they will pay you if they find the picture useful for them 


The second way of earning some good money from pictures by selling on own website. You can simply create your own website and promote it You can make a website from  many platforms like Wordpress and blogger, Wix etc  Buy Domain and you are ready to go there are two ways to earn if you make your own site 

1. Selling pictures for commercial use. 

2. Advertise the website with third-party ads.

Selling Pictures for Commercial Use 

There are Many big - big e-commerce website which sell laks of pictures and earn large revenue from it so you can also make a commercial business website where you upload your own picture that you shoot and put a price from that picture and earn from it.
A second way from which you can earn from own website is through 

Advertising the website

The second way is showing advertisement on your website you can upload a picture on your website and make it for commercial use so anyone can download it and when it comes to downloading the picture then ads will display and you will be paid for it 

so my recommendation is that you should start with this steps first and then after when, a proffectection will came in you work or more traffic and  coming into your website that you should change for images 
so use this method as the secondary source of earning and  use less  and fewer ads so the customer did not get irritated from too may ads  

 Conclusion of Article 

As in this article  how to earn money from picture that you shoot i ell you 2 way that are easy and simple but requires a hardwork, patience , and continutity in work .
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