Earn money online through Whatsapp with these 2 simple Methods

Earn money online  

 As in my previous articleEarn money online with 5 ways, " that money is a basic requirement of human and earning money these days become a trend and very competitive. But if you have patience and continuity towards your work then it becomes simple and easy to earn money online.

earn money online

There are different and many ways to earn online some of them are a concern with the advertisement in which the advertisement will be shown on your website or platform that you choose same like in television the adv shows You will be paid the sum of money for advertising that person in your content and its simple and effective .

Earn money online through WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is a famous messaging social networking application because WhatsApp is used by there user daily so it makes it easy to earn from it and take advantage of it and earn good money in less time.
                                                                                          Now I will tell you the two simple steps that you can use to make money or earn money from WhatsApp bt using it. 

Staring with the first method we have earning  by using Adsense ( Google Adsense )


Now, what is Adsense? some of you may already know about it Adsense is the platform that provides you advertisement on your content and you are paid for the number of people watch that content and advertisements shown so basically it is earning money online platform. It is google product and there are millions of user now a  day in Adsense but the question is that how we can use it to earn money through Whatsapp. 
                                                                                                   Things you need to perform are given below:


1. Active Adsense Account ( Go to google and search http://www.adsense.com/ or visit
 Adsense site to get Adsense account )  

2. Website ( You can use Wordpress and blogger website any of them ) 
3.  HTML Viral Script ( Download from Google by the simple search for download viral HTML script of )

These three are simple things You needed to start earning now steps to use these 3 things and start earning from it.


1.  Download HTML script from the Internet  and Extract it and open it into Your Notepad or any software that can read Html codes

2.  Then go to Your Adsense dashboard > ADS > adsunit > new ad unit> generate code and copy it 

3. Then Paste the above copy codes into Html Script that You download from internet.Into and

4. Make a web page and Paste the Html The above HTml Script into it and Publish it           

5. Now you needed the right way and time to share that page Url so it can go Viral sych as Happy new year viral script that people usually send each other 

Conclusion: so the things that you should keep in mind is that a make script with proper planning  For example if there is new year 1 January Then you need to make script shared before 1 January so it can go viral on the date of New year and People have link of it  
So this was the first method that you can use to earn money that you can use to earn money ,Now moving on to the Next we have earning through 


This method is very Famous in which you will get fixed percentage on your affiliate marketing products you have to promote the merchants and you will get commission on it .

There are various affiliate marketing website for which you can work some of them are :

You can registered with any of them and start your online business by sending link of there products such as mobile , clothes etc 


Affiliate account from any merchant of above ( I think the best will be Amazon affiliate ) Because it is  famous any easy to use 

After completing the above requirement further steps are given below 

1. Choose the best product that you think will be best fro your customer or group where you will share it For Example If you are in gym group then try to send links of fitness product.

2. After copy the link from your merchant site share the link aand try to convine your audience for buying that product 

 :Tips to choose Product:   

You should make sure that you choose product that are genuine to buy not send link of expensive product which a person will never buy you should send product with proper planing like there is festival diwali the you should share  links of product related to diwali or product that can be give on diwali that sound genuine and will be perfect to make person to order that product and alos do not send then too many links every time it iritate the person try to send by gaps 

Conclusion of full Article  
after telling you above methods i think its possible to make money from it if you do it with proper planning and Hard work and patience.
so this was the smart way to Earn money online by using Whats App 

Earn money online  


  1. You can abandon the idea, rethink it so it can be profitable, or (often over-looked) sell the idea or license the idea to someone who already is operating a similar business or a business where your idea would fit in nicely.

    1. Ok Sir i Will think and thanks for reading the post