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Earn  Money online

Earn  Money online now a day become trend every Person wants to earn Some Money and Some of them wants to Work as part time and some of them wants to work as Full time. Earning money online has very good and bigger scope and its seems easy but it’s not.

The Only thing you needed to Earn money online is patience and Continue Upload of content and Videos. Money Is Basic Requirement Of human every Person Wants to money to survive Even A student Studying in College or school Needed money to meet or help her Parents in earning And Financial Needs Of money And Also Utilizes Her Free Time as because Online Earning Jobs Are easiest way and very good second income which you can perform without investment and at Home only.

So it Find a good or genuine method to earn revenue or income methods to earn online with planned working method you can reach great success in few months or days.
SO now I will Give you a  3Jobs That or 3 tips That You can use to Earn money Online without any investment all you needed is a computer and a good Internet Connection.

Starting with First we have an Earning platform that required Good Writing Skills which is called as Blogger .com


Earn  Money online

Earning from Blogger .com blogging offer you a great way to earn money as part time or even full after very good experience   blogging is so simple that you have to create a blog account in www. Blogger .com or you can buy your own domain and start uploading blogs in your own site .Anything Like Technology, cooking, fashion, politic, News etc there are various Niches In which you can write and advertise it with Ad sense or Admod Or many other Advertisement platform Which will give you Money for views in you blogs website or in simple words You will Be Pay For Advertisement in your Blog Site

Steps to Starts Blogging in Blogger .com a product by goggle and 
How to Earn from It
  Go to goggle search engine and search for Blogger .com
(  Login in it ( first Signup with your Gmail account )
(  Then click On Create New Blog ( Name The Blog )
(  Select the Theme and Create A post
Then Click On  Earning Tab And Signup and Apply Ads on Your BlogSpot’s

Note: You Should Apply For Ad sense after You Complete 6 months or Have A good Traffic and Views in Your Page


Affiliate marketing a  means Selling A product or services of other merchants like Amazon , Flip kart etc And Share of Product Amount will be in Your accounts with Fixed Percentage or commission will be paid by merchant for selling there product Online.

Earn  Money online

Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing
Signup with any merchants site Like Amazon Link of Product Will be Given To You Send Link to your Friends And Family If they Buy Then Fixed Percentage Will be paid to  you
Affiliate Marketing    is performance – based – marketing in which a business reward one or more affiliates for each visitors or customers by affiliate own marketing Efforts
You can Do affiliate marketing in Your website or On you social media If you Have Good Followers and  And A  page With many Liker or You are A influencer which will Give You a audience with them you can share a links of your Product And On the sale of that Product You will be Paid by Merchant for selling there or Promoting There Product .

Famous  Affiliate  Site :

1.      Amazon Affiliate Marketing .
2.      Flipkart Affiliate Marketing .
3.      Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing.

Structure Of affiliate Marketing
1.      The merchant ( also known as retailer or brand )
2.      The Network or website
3.       The publisher ( also Known as the Affiliate )
4.       The customer


YOUTUBE is Become world Biggest platform As online Earning with the Help of Ad sense there are Laks of You tubers Now A Days.

Earn  Money online

Working on Youtube Required More patience Due To There Policies and Algorithims And Because of Competition or large Number of youtubers it has become more and more globally established there are Thousands of content on which you can  make video even I also Do Youtubing And make Videos Related To commerce Field Educational Videos

A Person With Good Knowledge Of a  Technology can make a technical channel and upload A technical video which are Trending Now A days Very much Many more Content Like Cooking Channel , Gaming channel , Vloging Channel , Fitness channel Etc Are Good Ideas  to start Part time Earning From You tube.

Some Famous India Youtubers You May Already Know
1.      Technical Guru ji  ( Technical Channel )
2.      BB ki Vines ( Funny Vines  Channel )
3.      Amit Badhana ( Funny Vines Channel )

Steps To Make Youtube channel
1.      Needed a Google Account Then Open The Youtube and Login
2.      Create A Channel ( Name The channel )
3.      Upload Video
4.      Monetize it After Reaching  1000  Sunscribers and 4000 hours Watch Time

Conclusion :
so after see this all Source of earn Money it can be say that Earning online required Patience and  Full Continuous Video upload and content with no copy , original content Upload Daily content  so it can be say that  Earn money online is Easy and Simple .
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