How to Download Instagram Images

Download Instagram Images 

Instagram is Famous social networking app owned by Facebook Inc. This application works on all devices like ios and Android everywhere the user which use this app enables to upload Pics and Videos and public can see and Like or share There Post easily or their followers can see it we sometimes find an image and video so interested that we want it to re-upload and post in other social Networking but Instagram did not enable us to download the image and video or users so I will tell you shortly and simple trick to download Instagram images from both a mobiles and  Pc

First How To Download From Mobile 

1. Go to your Instagram account and Application.

2.  Select the image you wants to download and click on right top menu of that image

3. Then on that menu click on copy Link

4. Then go to Browser and search for download  Instagram image

5. Then open any site that provide you to paste that link that you Copy From Instagram

6.  click on download any your image will be download

so by this method you can download image from browser there other trick to download Instagram image and video in mobile by using or Installing it

1. Go to play store and search for

2.  Application to download Instagram image or simple type download Instagram images

3. Download and install the app respective steps are some

Now we will take a look that how to download by using computer

How To Download From Computer 

1. Open Your Browser like google chrome , opera etc 

2. Search for and login in it 

3. Then select the image and click on bottom of image and copy the link 

4. go to website and paste them there and click download 

After it your download  will be stared and you pic or video you want to download from Instagram  so this is simple way to download Instagram images 

Download Instagram Images