5 Best Types In which you can do your MBA

types of mba


MBA stands for master in business administration. MBA is a master degree of 2 years which you can acquire after your graduation in any stream it can be B.com or BBA any of them. Nowadays MBA student is more in demand because of changing and growing in our business, an economy that why more people are required to manged the things properly due to which MBA is in many types and Kinds more people with the knowledge of business management are needed bt the companies.         
MBA is in many   classifications or t can say we can perform MBA in various types and Kinds but there are many of them Today I will Tell 5 of them which I think is the best to do MBA in particular degree so read the full article and then make decision which will be best and great for you if you do it


1. MBA In HRM 

2. MBA  In Entrepreneurship

3.  MBA In an Information system 

4.  MBA In Accounting

5.  MBA In Marketing / Finance 

Full detailed Explanation are Given Below 
Staring with The first we have 

MBA IN HRM (Human resource management)  

types of Mba

Human resource management  Now day an employee is a key element of companies so company required good effective and efficient employees for the there company so for that company required a team that can do appointment and makes workers and employees management so they can work in an effective and efficient manner.
That's a reason Human resource department are made by a company also called as HRM Department That do recruitment and selection and all the management related to human resource of a company that is their workers, employee.

So MBA is done in HRM in which You will be provided a good knowledge of Human Resource Management which has Very good scope Nowadays and Has also a good salary in Big companies. Subject You will be taught Will be Like

1. Manpower Planning and Resourcing Management

2. Organisational  Development

3. Employees Relations Management

4. HR Audit and Compensation Benifits performance management 

And many More Like These Basically all Related to the management of Human Resources That How you manged People


Entrepreneurship basically means How to established Your New Business. Entrepreneurship has Been described By Wikipedia is " Capacity and Willing  to develop, organize and Mange a business Venture along with any of its risks in  order to make Profit " 

types of Mba

As Changing world India  Is   Growing more and more New firms are coming to the knowledge of how to start a company a business in a professional manner so you should definitely do MBA in Entrepreneurship 

A subject in MBA (  Entrepreneurship )

1. Case Studies Of Entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial Finance  

3. Export-Import Management 

4. Management of Technology and Innovation

Basically, all subject relates to entrepreneur  your business so if you want to lead and start your business or work as promoter then this course is definitely for you 


MBA in information system means getting knowledge of software and system that are used to collect and organization, storage and communication of information Basically in this course you will learnor study about information system 

types of mba

Some top Institute that offers this degree are 

1. IIM 

2. Adam Smith Institute of Mangement ( Chandigarh)

3.  Ryan Vikas Institute of IT and Mangement ( Delhi)

The knowledge you will get in the information system will be software that helps you organize and analyze data of companies 
so if you are interested in it then go for it because there will be more demand and fewer people with a degree like This.


IF you will do MBA in Accounting you will get a master knowledge of accounting basically you will learn all the subjects and topics related to Accounting subject like 

types of MBA

  •  Financial accounting 
  • Cost accounting 
  • Tax planning 
  • Cost management 
  • Business strategy 
  • Fundamentals in managerial accounting 
Basically all the subject for a student who has good knowledge of accounts Then they should choose MBA in Accounting for a student that things they understand accounts easily then He/ she should definitely choose this because if you choose it then you will get a more knowledge of accounts and with that, you can work in  companies as accountants of company or accounting management and a good salary can pay to you.

Now moving on to last which is very famous and most of the student do it is 


Master in business administrative related to Marketing . Marketing mangament is the rocess of devloping strategies and planning related to Marketing of Business like business Products and services or How to Promote Products to customer and make them sell into market
basically in this course of MBA in Marketing you will get subject like

  • Consumer Behavoiur 
  • Business  to Business Marketing 
  • Marketing Research 
  • Customer relationship Management 
Bascically you should totally told about the process of selling product into market The tips and Techniques od selling things it well and effective mannner 


According to Google search Result 
  • Faculty of Management 
  • Indian Institute of foriegn Trade 
  • IIM ( ahmedabad )
  • IIMB ( Bengaluru )

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