बेली फैट कम करने के 5 आसान तरीके

5 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat in 3 days

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Today in this article I am going to tell you the five ways that you can use to reduce your belly fat. Belly fat is the biggest problem it is also known abdominal obesity it is excess weight that develops over a stomach or center of the body generally  due  to disease that spread or imbalance diet there is no balanced diet in your   Lifestyle that causes abdominal obesity or  I can say belly fat so  I think I should tell you the 5 ways that can help you to reduce your belly fat these 5 ways are simple but not as simple as you are thinking because it required a lot of hard work and continuity if you do it daily then only you will find a result from it so make sure that you have continuity in this 5 ways and have patience. After telling the five ways to reduce belly fat I will also tell you the five food items that burn belly fat very fast these five items are taken from Google research and it will be very effective to reduce your belly fat so make sure you also try it. Now moving to the five ways to reduce your belly fat

5 ways to reduce belly fats are

  • 1. Avoid carbs from your diet
  • 2. Exercise daily
  • 3. Drink boil water with lemon or green tea
  • 4. Eat fiber-rich food
  • 5. World junk food

1. Avoid Carbs From Your Diet

Carbohydrates are macronutrients there are three types of macronutrients carbohydrates
proteins and fats. scientist says our body required this three macronutrients for well-functioning but in balance diet so the Macronutrients should also be taken in a balanced manner. first, you need to figure out that how much carbohydrates proteins and fats your body needed after it makes a balanced diet.

some of the carbohydrates foods that are excess in carbohydrates are like Dairy Milk, ice creams, fruits, whole fruit, juice, bread, rice, potato, corn. this all are rich in carbohydrates that that increase your weight so you should need to avoid this you should try to eat low carbs food that is low in carbohydrates such as like broccoli cauliflower carrot Assam of Non veg non vegetarian meat beef lamp fish and many more so try to avoid high carbohydrate food and try to eat low carbs food which will help to help you to reduce your belly fat easily.

I always make sure to eat a healthy breakfast because it's the first meal you eat that fuels your body for the rest of the day.

 So this was the first step now moving on to Next.

2.Exercise Daily

Exercise is the main step to lose weight, losing weight becomes easier if you exercise daily no matter how much time you take to exercise it can be for 30 minutes or 1 hour more but exercise required continuity.
If you daily do exercise then only you will find the result. In this article, I will tell you the five exercise that is simple and easy and takes around 30 minutes of your day and help you lose your belly fat these 

Five exercise are:

  •  Crunchies
  •  Bicycle crunches
  •  Lunge
  •  Plank
  •  Cycling or running


This five exercise that will take around your 30 minutes or 40 minutes to perform. Some of the exercises are indoor but cycling or running is an outdoor activity which you can alternate with some other exercise.

But I recommend you to do by cycling or running because it also helps you to make your body fit and healthy along with losing sweat.

So try this 5 exercise is your second step now moving onto the third step

3. Drinking boiled water with lemon/green tea

First I will talk about drinking boiled water with lemon or  I can say lemon juice With warm water it helps body to keep it Hydrated  and provide them enough energy and help to reduce joint and muscle pain it also create a calorie deficit in your body which will help you to Lose your weight or lose your belly fat.

so drinking boil water with lemon is the first third step that you can use or you can use alternative that is green tea.

You can drink green tea with lemon or Honey.  green tea is just a liquid which you can drink in the morning or even evening just as you drink your tea or water.

Green tea improves fat burning and physical performance along with this it also helps you to improve your brain functioning and make you smarter so drinking green tea is required

Benefits of drinking green tea

  • 1. Help you to improve your brain functioning
  • 2. Help you to improve your fat burning
  • 3. Help you to kill your bacteria which improve dental health
  • 4. Help you for lower risk of infection
  • 5. Helped you to make the lower risk of heart diseases.

Now moving onto the fourth step of losing belly fat in just a few days

4. Fiber-rich food

Eating fiber is just another way to reduce your belly fat you should try to eat high fiber food which will help you to reduce or burn fat so I will tell you some five or more of high fibre rich foods that are good in fibre

First, we have fruits like banana orange apple mango strawberry etc

Second, we have vegetables generally the darker the colour more fiber they contain 
like broccoli carrot beets etc
some of the other food items like beans breeds grains soups and many more these all are the food items that are high in fiber and make you easily to burn your fats so the step is to try these fiber-rich foods and avoid high carbohydrates proteins foods which will make you fattier

Benefits of eating high fiber diet are:

  • Help to control your blood sugar level
  • Maintain a lower cholesterol level
  • And also help to maintain bowel health

Recommendation: Do not eat too much fibres because it will cause you diarrhea dehydration and stomach cramps so make sure you eat Palace fibre as your body need it try to avoid too many fibre foods

Moving on to the last but not the least is the step that everybody told you and it is quite difficult to do some of my You Already tried but due to your lifestyle you forget it
That is called avoid junk food

5. Avoid Junk Food

Everybody told you even your teacher father mother and everyone told you to avoid junk food but due to your habits and Lifestyle you continuously eating junk foods because junk foods are everywhere you go to college you find junk food in contains you go to schools you find junk food in shops in school canteens everywhere even if you go to hospitals near hospitals there are many junk food shops they provide boiled food high carbohydrate foods fatty fats food 

Which will make your  tummy Fatty Fatty Fatty so if you want to lose a belly fat then the last step you should definitely do is to avoid junk food no junk food should be eaten in any cost because if you eat junk food it makes you fattier so I only want to say you that please avoid junk food 

Junk food is pre-prepared for packed food that is low in nutrition level and did not provide you balance diet or any any any elements that are needed to your body it only provide you fat calories that are rich in sugar level and fat level

Junk food like fast food, hamburger, doughnuts and many more.


This 5 steps will show only result if you do it with lots of hard work and patience and continuity if you miss any of the steps at all you above then it will not make you to lose your belly fat you required continuity patience in each and every step do not lose patience do not think that result are not showing do it regularly and you will find your result

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