Chrome not loading pages: How To Fixed It

Chrome Not Loading Pages

In This article, I will tell you the 5 different solution or methods to a fixed website not opening in google chrome.

Chrome not loading pages

This usually happens in your computer due to some DNS server failure or Some other technical Faults and it is very frustrating and make user angry if websites not opening in your computer google chrome .some of you may restart or reinstall your google chrome and Try many methods but did not find a perfect solution for it so here are 5  different ways or methods to open websites that are not opening in your  google chrome .

Method: 1

Restart DNS Client Server 

  • Press the Start button and open Run Or Simply Press Start button +R 
  • Type services.msc in Run
  • After it, open Search for or scroll down to DNS Client
  • Right Click And Press Restart  The Services 
  • restart Your PC  to Take Effect 

Method: 2

Command Prompt

  • Open the Command prompt and Type the Following Commands 
  • First Type and Then press Enter After each command.
  •  ipconfig/release
  •  ipconfig/all
  •  ipconfig/flushdns
  •  ipconfig/renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset 


    Method: 3

    DNS of Google 

    • Click On open Network and sharing center
    • Then click on change adapter setting in the right side of the Window 
    • Select the network connection in your computer 
    • Double click on it and Press on Properties button 
    • Then Double click on Internet protocol Version 4 
    • Use The following DNS server Address 
    •  8  8  8 8
    •  8  4  4  4
    Watch This For More 

    Method: 4

    Chrome flags restart

    • Open Google chrome and click on address Bar On Top ( where the website name written )
    • Type chrome://flags/ and press Enter 
    • Now click on Reset all  to Default 
    • Relaunch The Chrome 

    Method: 5

     Removing The web Protection 

    • Remove the Web protection from Your  Malware types Or anti virus 
    • Then Reconnect Your Internet  connection 

    So This Was The 5 Different Methods to Load Chrome Not Loading Pages in Your computer i hope it solve your Problem If Not then you Should check your Internet connection And Try to connect Other Internet Connection 

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